Tour Sales Enablement
  • A single repository to manage and organize all marketing materials including full version control, approval processing
  • Simplified maintenance of materials by utilizing shared content and content that automatically updates with the latest available data
  • Easily define who has access to which pieces of content
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  • Offer up the right content at the right time in the prospect’s cycle
  • Use information from CRM to help users find most relevant content
  • Create smarter sales “playbooks”
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  • Allow marketing to see how content is performing in the field
  • Reps can see how their prospects are interacting with sales materials
  • Gain visibility into what messages are resonating in sales cycle
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  • Sales reps can “slide pick” when assembling a presentation on a tablet using our LiveDoc® feature
  • Marketing gives flexibility to customize while maintaining control of message
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Dynamic Creation
  • Automate the manual process of creating customized sales materials with our LiveDoc® feature
  • Always show up-to-date facts and figures
  • Put sales reps in the best position to win by presenting materials personalized for each situation
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  • Sales reps have access to all materials wherever they are, on tablets, the web, or directly within
  • Deliver content via email using LiveSend, in-person, or over a screen share using LiveShare and automatically track engagement
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